There are numerous everyday items in people’s homes that most people don’t really understand.  For example, it seems unlikely that the average person could explain to you, in detail, how a garbage disposal works.  Or, as another example, a trash compactor.  Also, most houses have irrigation systems that people don’t completely understand, let alone the electricity that is running through their walls.  In other words, most people take for granted all of the inventions of the modern world that they use every single day.  Take, for instance, the water heater.  Most people don’t really understand this particular item, nor how to check if it is running properly.

marathon-water-heater-1.  It heats your water.  This might be one of those incredibly obvious comments, but that is the purpose of your water heater.  It’s function is to ensure that you have hot water when you need it.  Numerous issues can lead to it not functioning properly, so it should be checked regularly.

2.  They can pose safety risks.  Because of this, many states have laws requiring permits and licenses to be able to work on water heaters.

3.  There are energy efficient options.  As with most things in the world today, there are now water heaters that work to conserve and preserve energy.  This is great for the environment as well as your pocketbook.

4.  They need to be maintained regularly.  As with most things in your home, water heaters should have maintenance checks regularly.

5.  There are numerous types.  There are many different types of water heater, including the tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters are becoming more common because they heat the water as you need it, ensuring you never run out of cold water.

6.  The dip tube brings in cold water.  The dip tube is a small piece of tubing that typically runs from the top of your water heater to the bottom.  It is responsible for bring more water into your water heater.  Since this new water is cold, the dip tube’s job is to take it to the bottom of the tank, where it will have enough time to warm up before you need it.

7.  Sediment can build up.  Often with water heaters, sediment can build up in the bottom over time.  Eventually, this can cause a significant amount of noise to come from the water heater, and can even damage the water heater over time.  It is important to check for sediment on the bottom of your water heater semi-frequently.

8.  Water can get milky.  Water has levels of oxygen and other things in it.  When the water is not allowed to breathe, it can get somewhat milky.  However, this is nothing to worry about.

9.  Explosions are possible.  There is a valve on your water heater that works to relieve water and pressure from your tank.  This is because when water heats up it expands, and if some of it is not allowed to leave the tank, it can expand to dangerous levels.  Simply having this checked out during your usual maintenance checks should prevent any serious issues.

10.  Installation is best left to the professionals.  Due to the severity of malfunctioning water heaters, this should be fairly obvious.

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